Proud to Call Joan Andrews Bell a Friend and a Living Saint

July 15th 1986

Escambia County Jail

Joan Andrews

“The closer we are to the preborn children the more faithful we are, then the more identically aligned we become with them. This is our aim, & goal, to wipe out the line of distinction between preborn and their born friends, becoming ourselves discriminated against. Good! This is necessary. Why should we be treated any differently? The rougher it gets for us, the more we can rejoice that we are succeeding; no longer are we being treated so much like the privileged born, but as the discriminated against preborn. We must become aligned with them completely and totally or else the double standard separating the preborn from the rest of humanity will never be eliminated. I don’t want to be treated any differently than my brother, my sister. You reject them, you reject me. We do not expect justice in the courts. Furthermore we do not seek it for ourselves when it is being denied our beloved preborn brothers and sisters. Thus I plead a case for complete and total vulnerability in court by refusing self defense and all legal argumentation for self protection. We should in truth tell the court that we, as defenders and friends or the preborn, expect no justice and no compassion, as the true defendants, the preborn children, received none and were killed without due process on the day of the Rescue attempt. We only stand here in their stead, being substitute defendants by a compelling and painful logic. They died for the crimes of being preborn and unwanted. We expect no justice from a judicial system which decrees such savagery and a government which allows it. If it is a crime punishable by death to be unwanted, maybe it should be a crime, punishable by death, to love the unwanted and you act to protect them.”

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