Our Lawsuit vs. Pfizer Inc’s Cytotec (Misopristol) Drug

WAKE UP has organized a class-action lawsuit called Campaign Cytotec against Pfizer, Inc., the manufacturer of Cytotec/Misopristol, the second drug in the RU486 chemical abortion

My name is Missy Reilly Smith, and I am foundress and president of WAKE UP, which stands for Women Against the Killing & Exploitation of Unprotected Persons. I had two abortions and they left me deeply wounded. One of my WAKE UP roles is nearly 20 years of unpaid work as a counselor outside abortion facilities to inform pregnant mothers about the hazards of abortion on women and girls who have them. My work includes training other counselors as well. Now WAKE UP has organized a class-action lawsuit against Pfizer, Inc.

I make no money for my work on this case, but I want to help women and girls heal from injuries caused by abortion medications and it takes money and good lawyers to do that. We have excellent attorneys to file the lawsuit and now I will tell you how it came about.

“The Violence was Enormous”

An emergency room nurse called me and she spoke of “the most horrible thing” she “had ever seen!”

The nurse had witnessed not one, but two injured women brought into the hospital with near-death medication abortion injuries. Both cases are similar because their unborn babies were 25 weeks of age.

The decimation of the insides of these two women was caused by violent contractions from a medication manufactured by Pfizer. It is Misopristol and it’s also called Cytotec.

Both patients’ wombs were torn because the abortion medication forced the babies up into their mothers’ abdominal cavities.

  • The first woman had to have an emergency colostomy to save her life. During the abortion, she fell into a coma for four days and she was in the hospital for nine days.
  • The second woman had to have a hysterectomy to save her life and she was in the hospital for nine days.

Due to the brutal injuries caused by Pfizer’s abortion medication, these women can never live normal lives again and they called me for help.

Threefold Mission

I tell you what happened to those women for three reasons:

  1. To inform all women and girls so they can refuse the pharmaceutical and spare themselves terrible physical pain, depression, and premature death.
  2. We can’t replace bodily organs ravaged by Pfizer’s abortion medication, but we can help thousands or millions of females to obtain monetary compensation.
  3. We’ll also do everything we can to get this drug off the market. More about that later.

Plain Facts of the Case

Most women who undergo medication abortions are administered Misopristol/Cytotec for pregnancies six weeks to 36 weeks. Big Pharma doesn’t care about women, girls or the people who love us. Now let us help you or your friends like we are helping other injured women!

Injured women may send a message to Missy or call 1 (202) 706-4072 for private and confidential help.

Please Donate

Last but not least, we humbly request your help — even $10 to pay for pamphlets, signs, and our media work. WAKE UP is a 501(c)(3) charity which means that all your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Thanks for your kind consideration! Please click here to donate on our secure page or see the address where to send a check. We truly appreciate the support as it allows this work to proceed.