The WAKE UP Chronicles is Our Pro-Chastity Magazine

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It is a privilege to bring you again this previous edition of the W.A.K.E.U.P. Chronicles. This edition features traditional family values of chastity and purity before and after marriage, strong Christian values making strong families and strong families making strong societies. I am proud of this most beautiful magazine

Come and Join Us in Celebrating the Anniversary of the Death of Philomena Grace on Nov. 27th

[Note: It is important to recognize and uphold the Catholic doctrine of Limbo, which is the afterlife for those infants who die without Baptism, including victims of abortion. In Limbo, souls do not have the Beatific Vision. Therefore, it is not allowable to pray for intercession of abortion victims, including Philomena Grace, or consider them

Court Records Reveal Importance of Carhart’s Shocking Medical Malpractice Case to the Abortion Cartel

Via the Operation Rescue website: Bethesda, MD — New Maryland state court filings in a disturbing botched late-term abortion malpractice suit have revealed significant new details and the involvement in the case of the founder of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health.  His involvement indicates that this case may have great importance to the Abortion Cartel.

Breaking: Curtis Bay fined $1.7M for improper handling of fetal remains, body parts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Today, October 17th, news broke that Curtis Bay Medical Waste, the facility responsible for transporting the box of 115 aborted babies found by PAAU last year, was fined $1.7 million for a criminal penalty after pleading guilty to over 40 charges related to environmental violations. These violations included failing to properly incinerate medical waste before dumping it into

PAAU Press Conference Concerning DC Abortion Crimes (Video)

On Twitter, Mary Margaret Olohan writes: Pro-life activists with @PAAUNOW speak out at a DC press conference following their uncovering of apparently fully formed aborted babies: “We believe that the DC metro police are actively involved in a coverup of Dr. Santangelo’s crimes.” See the video of the press conference here.