Come and Join Us in Celebrating the Anniversary of the Death of Philomena Grace on Nov. 27th

[Note: It is important to recognize and uphold the Catholic doctrine of Limbo, which is the afterlife for those infants who die without Baptism, including victims of abortion. In Limbo, souls do not have the Beatific Vision. Therefore, it is not allowable to pray for intercession of abortion victims, including Philomena Grace, or consider them as saints or martyrs. It would be the denial of Catholic doctrine of Limbo, a mortal sin. We must trust in the goodness of God in the case of abortions and miscarriage, since the Church teaches these souls enjoy natural paradise and are unaware the loss of Heaven.]

The photos below show the funeral of Philomena Grace, the innocent victim of abortion, whose body was recovered and given a proper burial.

She died from an induced abortion November 27, 2019 by the most notorious late term abortionist in the country, Cesare Santangelo.

Many of you know about the 115 babies retrieved from Santangelo’s office and Curtis Bay Bio Medical Waste Company. All 115 babies were given a beautiful funeral and the 110 were buried in West Virginia. The five full term babies show evidence of Federal laws having been broken. The Medical Examiner is still holding them after a year.

Many of you know there are “9 Rescuers” who shut down Santangelo’s office on October 20, 2020, saying they came to stop the murder of babies. They have gone to court and have been convicted. They are in jail awaiting sentencing which could be as much as 11 years for Conspiracy and The Face Act.

Our own little Philomena Grace had a beautiful dignified funeral and burial at Christ the King Church in Towson Md. and then laid to rest in the tiny Garden of Innocence as she should have been. Her body had been recovered from a toilet in a ladies room in a Ruby Tuesday’s in Upper Marlboro. God made sure she had a beautiful funeral and burial by Bishop Joseph Coffey, Father Ed Meeks and Father Kuchinsky.

A beautiful baby girl was conceived and born by one of the parishioners after much loving reflection on her. Her mom and dad named her Philomena Grace. We are grateful for her inspiration. 

Come on November 27th after Mass and the Rosary and join us in honoring the memory of Philomena Grace. 

This is the baby Philomena Grace with her mother, at the funeral of her namesake.

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